Alberto Monteraz is a self taught Spain-based photographer whose work focuses on the beauty contained in all forms of silent decay.

Alberto attended the University in Cádiz, Madrid and Oxford, and received a Master degree in Arts with a specialization in Archaeology. 

Alberto is available for local projects as well as potential comissioned works in a wide variety of enviroments, including outer space. Use the form to inquire about rates and availability, or just to say hi.


Es una producción para El Estanque con: 

Olivia Bagli,  Rebeka K., Victoria Gorelik, Rita Kustova, Tábata Cerezo, love, Sara Etienne, "Meowornever", Laura Ripoll, Carola Catarola, Marian Redondo, Judit Civit Rouge, Lucía Alonso, Cristina González, Desconocidos, Victoria Lysenco.


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